Ooops! There's meant to be a picture about Santa here, but there isn't! Our bad!

I’m not Santa Claus, but you can sit on my lap…

Ok, ok, so we know the centre of the Antarctic is the South Pole, (well, if we’re being exact, it’s not actually quite the centre, but a little bit off-key), but it is the southernmost point of the whole world so wherever you travel from there you are going to go North!

So, if you try to regale us with tales of Father Christmas/Santa Claus/Saint Nicholas, his wife, elves, Rudolph and reindeer, well, then your GPS needs a bit of a re-set, doesn’t it.

Maybe drop us a line about penguins and icebergs instead. Ooo, and a polar bear would be nice – just don’t get too close as they could be Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health.

Saying that though, if you have traveled to the Antarctic and have found somewhere nice to go and have a cup of steaming hot cocoa, please do tell and we’ll try and get you some crew discount for when you next visit!

Now, where’s the wooly jumper shop…

Have you been to the Antarctic? Tell us about it below…


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