Fogo Gaucho Churrascaria – Nairobi

Photos of Fogo Gaucho Churrascaria, Nairobi
This photo of Fogo Gaucho Churrascaria is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Viking House, Waiyaki Way, Westlands

Contact Tel: +254 (20) 3544037 or 4454439

Contact Mob: +254 (0) 729 243202 or  (0) 728 673 983


Email for Reservations:

Opening Hours:


  • Mon – Thu: 12pm – 3pm
  • Fri – Sun: 12pm – 4pm


  • Mon – Thu: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
  • Fri – Sun: 6.30pm – 10.30pm

It is advisable to book for Wednesday – Saturday nights

GPS Co-ordinates: -6.752344, 39.272815


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Crew Discount Offered: For ALL Airlines – 10% discount off lunch & dinner – at least one of you needs to take your crew ID.

It’s always worth getting a a taxi, then getting the taxi driver to wait for you in the car while you have your meal because then you know you have a ride home. The drivers are happy to do this and the cost is marginally more than the cost of two single journeys with the added peace of mind that someone will be waiting for you when you’ve finished stuffing your face!

You’ll pull into a big unmade car park with a big tree in the centre. The tree is so big that the roots are growing up through the car park – the cars have to drive over the roots! It’s quite cool that the tree hasn’t been chopped down to accommodate modern living.

You’ll walk in to Fogo Gaucho and if you happen to meet the same guy as Mr AWTD did, you’ll be greeted with perhaps the biggest smile you’ve ever seen!

Perhaps we should have mentioned before that it is best to make a reservation before you leave your accommodation, however if you don’t, they seem to always do their very best at finding you a seat. Don’t say you haven’t been warned though – these guys are good at what they do and word has gotten around!

Mr AWTD has been a number of times to this particular restaurant. On each occasion there has been a mix of first timers and “I absolutely MUST return to Fogo Gaucho-ers!”. A waiter will ask if everyone has been before and with the inevitable ‘No’ from one of the crew, will proceed to explain how the restaurant works. In Layman’s terms, “The salad bar is over there, help yourself to as much as you like – help yourself to the parmesan cheese (huge block that you just gouge chunks out of) and the smoked ham that you can help yourself to as many slices of as you wish – as thick or thin as you like as you cut it yourself.” He also explains about the card system – a red/green card system designed to control the flow of meat to your plate, green meaning ‘bring it on, I’m a hungry little tike” (we made that up, it just means you’re hungry and you want food) and red means “STOP THE MEAT, I NEED A BREAK!” (yup, again we made it up – but, yeah, it means no more meat for now, thanks until I turn the card back over to green).

With over 15 cuts of delicious meat and seafood on the spit (in rotation) to tuck your teeth into (we even spotted crocodile on the menu!) this is definitely a carnivore diner’s paradise, though they do also serve 20 different types of salads so, the vegetarians among us will not be left to go hungry. However, if you are a vegetarian and you are in any way offended by meat – don’t go! You will be surrounded by meat hungry people with a constant supply of freshly cooked meat being bought to your table non-stop, carved in front of your very eyes for you to tuck into.

So, Mr AWKD says the food is outstanding, the pork sausages with cheese in the middle are amazing, (he loves his sausages) the lamb is very nice when it’s sliced thinly, and the Picanha (Rump Steak) is amazing! He found the beef with garlic to be a little tough, the crocodile meat is an acquired taste (personal opinion here – Mr AWTD says he feels it tasted fishy and he didn’t like it so much) but overall every experience he has had there has been brilliant…and the Tusker beers were “nice and cold!”. Do not skip on the BBQ’d pineapple covered in caramelised sugar and cinnamon – yummy for your tummy! You have to leave room for that!

Service was very attentive – if you don’t turn your card over to red the waiters will continue to fill your plate with meat even if you still have food on your plate. You will be asked quite regularly if everything is ok and if there is any other type of meat you’d like – service is very attentive and though some people might call this intrusive, it is actually the style of the restaurant.


For the meat lover you won’t be disappointed – you’ll leave fit to burst and your wallet won’t be disappointed either. For lunch & dinner it is 1950Khs (roughly USD23/ GBP14 before discount) – that’s not half bad!

Photos of Fogo Gaucho Churrascaria, Nairobi
This photo of Fogo Gaucho Churrascaria is courtesy of TripAdvisor


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