Weekly Photo Challenge – Unexpected


Ooops - there is supposed to be a picture here of a giraffe and antelope - our bad!

Ready or not, here I cooome!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Unexpected

Let’s give this photo challenge a shot (*snigger* – see what we did there!) shall we?

This is our first time joining in with a helluva lot of people who write for this challenge on a weekly basis, but the beauty of it is is that it’s our interpretation of a photograph we have taken. We can take it as deep or as shallow as we like, just skimming the surface of a stunning image leaving much to the reader’s imagination or delving deep under the skin, telling stories of untold worlds…

Anyway, this photograph was taken in July by Mr AWTD on a trip to Nairobi National Park with a Canon 550D.

The image was unexpected for two reasons.

1) Mr AWTD knew he was going to see some wild ‘mals in the Savannah, but what he didn’t expect was to come across a giraffe and a bunch of antelope in the middle of a game of Hide ‘n’ Seek.

2) Mr Giraffe had had a hard week, lazin’ around in the hot African sun, munching on some leaves when the need arose, but water, well, that had been a little difficult to come by, so it had made his tummy a little bit bunged up. We all know that feeling. Then suddenly, after days of waiting for The Urge, he finally had his calling to go for a poo, but it arrived with a vengeance. Mr Giraffe ran and ran on his gangly legs around the Savannah, searching for somewhere private where he could do his doings, somewhere he could sit down and read the local paper without being disturbed, but no, he couldn’t find anywhere he would be comfortable enough going. By this point he was practically dancing on the tips of his hooves, crossing his legs in desperation – then there it was – a lovely, lush, green bush, of perfect size to cover him up whilst he took a dump. Well, when we say ‘perfect size’, we mean it covered his nether regions, you know, the important bits…his bumholio.

So, there he was, all relaxed, sat down, plopping and reading about the latest happenings in the Nairobi News when he heard a low rumble. Thinking he had a little bit more ‘to come’ he ignored the noise and carried on reading. The rumbling gradually got louder, till Mr Giraffe realised it wasn’t actually him and could ignore it no longer. Slowly, he turned his elegant neck around to see a group of antelope ambling past his private latrine, and not only that but a beige Toyota van with two human heads sticking out the roof TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS!! In the middle of the Savannah!

Thank God for the bush.


Note: We weren’t sure if the animals in the image are antelope or gazelles. If you know, please feel free to tell us in the comments box below – go on, put us right!!

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