Yeah-huh…the boring, but important bit.

Hear me now!

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are entirely the views, expressions and opinions of the authors (Mr & Mrs AWTD) and the blog’s contributors. They do not, in any way, represent the views or opinions of any company or business mentioned. That is to say, in plain English, if your meal that you are having at a restaurant that we have said is good, turns out to be crap, or the hotel that we have said is wonderful turns out to be not so nice, don’t blame us, mmmmmk? It’s not our fault, things go wrong sometimes and people’s opinions differ – deal with it, grow a pair, and handle the problem like an adult – with dignity, without screaming and shouting and with respect.

Oh, and we will do our utmost to barter, haggle and cajole local businesses to give crew discounts, but on the day if you’ve forgotten your crew ID, not taken along the necessary paperwork they ask for or even if they simply will not honour the discount anymore for whatever reason, then just let us know and we will try and contact them – but remember, we only get to travel to these places once in a while too, so don’t expect miracles, and definitely don’t expect us to be giving you any cash ‘coz it ain’t gon’ ‘appen!

Mr & Mrs AWTD


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