Take Part!

Ooops! There should be a picture of a sign saying Get Involved! Our bad...

Get involved, drop us a line and share your experiences of being down line! Down route didn’t rhyme..but that did..dammit!

Now, as much as we have lots of our own stories and reviews to share, we know there are lots of you who have plenty of secret stories to tell too and we’d love, love, LOVE you to give us a hand to grow this site, after all, no-one wants to waste their hard-earned (yeah we know, sometimes free when it’s in the flight pay) cash on a crappy meal in a dirty restaurant.

So, we have devised a little form for all Wannabe Helpers! If you fancy nominating a special restaurant, or have had a mind-blowing trip (now, now, not that kind, thank you!) that deserves shouting about, give us the deets and, yeah, we’ll do the rest.

Contact us by:

email aircrewwhattodo@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aircrewwhattodo


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